Typology of members

On the national scene, the operating model of the public sector's Cybersecurity Operations Centres (SOCs) varies depending on the public body that has this service. Thus, there are cases where the SOC is operated by staff of the Public Administration or by external cybersecurity service providers

Faced with this situation, and to achieve the integration of all of them, regardless of their management model, the National SOC Network has been designed based on a collaborative model by categories (public and private) and levels (gold and informed); all with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information between all the agents involved in the operation of these Centres.

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    Public Sector

Category that includes the public bodies represented in the National SOC Network that have a Cybersecurity Operations Centre.

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    Private Sector

Category that includes companies and cybersecurity service providers that cooperate in the operation of a public sector SOC. Depending on the level of collaboration of the members of this category, two levels of participation have been established.

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GOLD level
  • Level of suppliers actively participating in the network.
  • Participation at this level allows the company to receive real-time indicators and to participate in joint investigations.
  • In order to maintain their position in this category, their participation and collaboration in the exchange of information will be assessed on a regular basis.
  • Default level of adherence of service providers to the RNS.
  • You will receive information shared by GOLD category members, once consolidated.
  • Suppliers can be upgraded to GOLD level if their participation and collaboration is evaluated favourably.

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