Objectives of the National SOC Network

Collaboration in cybersecurity has always been essential, but perhaps today it is more necessary than ever. In today's hyper-connected world, and given the evolution of cyberthreats and the quantitative and qualitative increase in cyberattacks, it is necessary to articulate an effective collaboration network that allows the Spanish public sector to improve its defensive and response capabilities.

That is the mission of the National SOC Network. Furthermore, its objective is to coordinate and promote the exchange of technical information between the Cybersecurity Operations Centres of the national public sector to prevent and alert the national SOCs of the materialization of certain cyberthreats or new cyberattack campaigns.

In this way, and under the principle of cooperation, the RNS will enable a coordinated response to cyber threats, achieving agile action in the protection and defence of public sector bodies against the risks and threats identified by the SOCs that are members of this network.

Principles of the partnership model

Incident reporting:
to limit the impact and scope of incidents.

Cyber intelligence:
for continuous improvement of detection.

to map the national cybersecurity situation.

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